We started out writing apps for Window Mobile, a simple Stop Watch

Then we wrote an app to backup and clean SMS Messages as I found this to be a real issue on Windows Mobile, I wrote an app to solve the problem. Then I wrote an Android version which allowed you to transfer SMS Messages between the 2

We then started on the new Windows Phone platform and first was to port the Stop Watch app over, this was useful in learning Windows Phone

After having used Remote Desktop extensively on Windows Mobile, loving and hating it at the same time I decided to start working on a Windows Phone version. This was a massive undertaking and took many hours, it started using a pinvoke hack to import native sockets which was blocked by Microsoft Marketplace. So then I had to write a HTTP tunnelling server to allow access to sockets, it was very slow (mostly due to the Windows Phone 7 networking stack but it worked

TVGuide+ and MusicPrime apps have both grown out of a desire for these apps on Windows Phone and the lack of official support inspired me to write them myself